Project Details


In constituency management system have to find ways to constituency that’s gets it done fast and creates a return.

Project Overview

The product Constituency management system is pre-stacked with the names and contact niceness of all the persuasive individuals of a specific electorate of a

political party

. Constituency management Software is a

election management software

and far reaching answer for ideological groups/MLAs to oversee voting demographic,

election campaign

and manage constituency information data,

complaint management

in smooth and basic way for


s. We will give you every street and coach of your election circle in your mobile phone, only one click will give you access to the desired union council, ward and street, so that you can better manage electoral circles in the election campaign, With this modern system, you will be able to access all the polling stations in the ring and you will be able to keep track of all the events happening in the polling day and even during the election day and before. This management system was already had been Implemented in KPK by PTI governing body and many different parties.


National Assembly Hierarchy Province Assembly Hierarchy
Ward Hierarchy Union Council Hierarchy
Block Hierarchy Area Hierarchy
Street Hierarchy Polling station
Voter Registration Cast management
Upcoming Voterregistration Family wise management
Detail information recording like (Education and Skills)
Party post and Hierarchy Party worker registration
Allocation of member on Part post Allocation of member on Committee
Membership fee & expiry Worker Points system
Point scoring on (attendance in Party event , points on task completion in E&C Module)
Campaigning management Campaigning schedule and task
Campaign task assignment to part member Task management
Group Task Management Committee Taks Management
Calendar Management Visit Management
KPI Task and Assignment Rating
Union Council visit Plan vs actual visit
Complain recording via SMS Complain recording via Web Portal
Complain recording via Email Complain recording via Mobile
Complain recording via App Complain recording via Social Media
Complain recording via Letter Complain ticketing System
Complain assignment and follow-up Complain acceleration system
Resources Planning &budget Polling station duties
Vehicle Management Voter Slip
Polling agent training
SMS for general publicservice messages SMS to workerfor Party related updates
SMS to management Committee SMS for meeting reminder
MMS Knowledge base emails
Email base news letter